Twins Centre
Building "I"- a part of a complex of office buildings - "Twins" centrе
This modern business building is situated on one ofthe main boulevards of Sofia - " Nikola Gabrovski " boulevard, which makes the connection between the center of the city of Sofia and "Studentski Grad" district. The building is a part of a complex of office buildings having a unique for a contemporary urban environment quality to combine the luxury conditions of work and occupancy with nature contact. This is achieved by putting the exposed panorama view to the Vitosha mountain and "Peace and Relationship" Park into the project. The buildings are situated unattached, that suppose entirely and immediately touch to their composition. The compound sits naturally in the environment and in the same time has an original presence. The architectural form is created by using the power of details dynamic. By virtue of that the building looks different from any angle of view.
SHAPE: The architectural idea is to create an unique, harmonious and undivided shape by the contrast of "flexibility – strictness", "glass – solid" and "calmness- dynamics".